Our Story


I began this company in February 2018 with my sister-in-law. We decided to merge together to create high quality, handmade plant based personal care products. We pondered over many different names that would fit our lives and what we wanted to convey to our customers. The name we came up with was Balaté Naturals. Balaté comes from two Tagolog words; balat, meaning skin, and ate, meaning sister. We became sisters when we married into the same Tagalog speaking family. Over the course of the year, we worked hard to find the best ingredients and recipes to bring our products to life. We traveled around the southwestern US, participating in craft shows and meeting many wonderful people. We have since decided to part ways but she still greatly influences and encourages me and the company.


I am a one woman show (for now). I will update everyone through email (don’t forget to subscribe!) with any and all shows I attend and I look forward to meeting new people and running into others I’ve met in the past.

Thank you all so much for stopping by.


~Naturally, Beautiful You.